ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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What sets the BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer Apart?

The BLOOM Pour Over brewer features an innovative micro-filter brewing system with a durable, stainless-steel construction. The patented micro-filter design is thoughtfully crafted with a spiral pattern and over 1500 precision cut holes. The deep brew bed and micro-filter work together to evenly distribute water for optimal, straight flow-through and even coffee extraction.


Release your coffee's full potential

Uniquely designed to help you brew full-flavored, evenly-extracted, coffee in two minutes. Explore pour over coffee with ease.

Stellar flavor every time

Patented 1502-hole microfilter and brew bed consistently bring out your coffee's best flavors. Never settle for "good enough."


30% faster

Makes exceptional coffee in just two minutes, thanks to the steep slope and unique filter. Speed without sacrificing quality.


Dual mode

Use with ESPRO paper filters for a clean brew and easy cleanup, or without for less waste and a more full-bodied brew. Your coffee, your way.




  • Patented microfilter has a spiral pattern and 1502 precision cut holes
  • Comes with starter pack of 10 Bloom Pour Over Paper Filters
  • Stainless steel brewer comes with silicone sleeve so that your coffee stays hot and your hands stay cool
  • Makes 1-2 cups of coffee