ESPRO Coffee Tasting Cup, Set of 4 With Acacia Wood Tray

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We designed four coffee tasting cups to help you discern specific flavors and aromas for an elevated tasting experience. Your choice of cup completes a coffee’s journey from farm to table. Select the cup to match a flavour in your roast that you want to experience, or host a tasting with friends to explore the unique flavours of your favourite brew.


  • DISCOVER NEW COFFEE FLAVORS - ESPRO Coffee Cups amplify target flavors and aromas via innovative cup designs; Join 74% of consumers who prefer ESPRO Coffee Cups
  • 4 SCIENCE-DRIVEN DESIGNS - Crafted using the same sensory science principles as wine, beer, and spirits glasses to enhance four flavor areas: Cocoa, Fruity, Floral, Spicy
  • TWO WAYS TO TASTE - Pair your coffee’s tasting notes with the best-fitting cup; Or try your favorite coffee in all four cups to explore how existing flavors are enhanced
  • ELEGANT PORCELAIN - Clean and natural to hold; Dishwasher and microwave safe; Perfect thickness for heat retention; Looks stunning in any coffee lover’s kitchen
  • ACACIA WOOD TRAY - Organizes and displays the four cups; Create a more refined coffee tasting experience
  • BEST NEW PRODUCT 2019 - Awarded at World Of Coffee 2019, the global expo for the specialty coffee industry; Enjoy your brew like the world’s pros