Flair Signature PRO 2

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Flair's newest flagship model! The PRO has larger brewing capacity, stainless steel Brew Head and Portafilter, and built- in Pressure Gauge, for full control to brew amazing, professional-level bottomless shots.

The Flair Signaure PRO was designed as the new flagship in manual brewing with Flair. Featuring four major upgrades, including an enhanced stainless steel experience with our all stainless steel brew head and components, an integrated and custom pressure gauge to immediately target the appropriate pressure ranges for brewing espresso, the expanded ability to utilize various brew ratios and a better bottomless brewing experience, made possible by our highly visible naked portafilter, the PRO is the highest level of brewing on offer. Each comes standard with a custom carrying case and customers can choose between the same chrome or matte black available in our Signature Series.